Salmon is one favorite fish to cook and eat. It is readily available, can be cooked in so many ways, and is a tasty fish to enjoy. Many don’t know that salmon skin is absolutely delicious when deep-fried with skin on. It is crispy and tasty, but cooking it without burning is rather an acquired skill. The skin, making direct contact with the pan or grill, is most likely to burn before the inside of the salmon is cooked.

The best way to ensure the fish is thoroughly cooked is to use the method of sous vide. It is a French method of cooking, where the food, in this case the salmon, is placed inside the food bag, along with its seasoning or herbs. It is then vacuum-sealed using a vacuum-sealer, which locks in the flavors of the seasonings and herbs. The vacuum-sealed food bag is then given a water bath in a sous vide water oven or using a sous vide immersion.


It is important that the food bag is tightly sealed to lock in flavors, and to prevent water from entering the bag, thus ruining or diluting the flavors. As important as the sous vide equipment is the vacuum-sealing system you use. According to Abigail’s foodsaver reviews, a countertop vacuum sealer can do the trick, and most models these days are automatic, making it so easy to use. After the pre-set cooking time is done, remove the salmon, and give it a quick searing on the grill or pan to make the skin crispy.

Another way to enjoy salmon is poaching it. It is a method of cooking where the food is submerged in water, or in this case, we are going to use extra virgin olive oil for added flavor and to make this meal totally healthy and good for the heart. Read More →