There are different varieties of olives, and each one has its own specific characteristics that make it ideal for special recipes. For everyday of the week, you can have your olives and a new way of preparing it.

Here are 7 kinds of olives:



It is a specialty of Greece and is so different because of its color of deep purple. This can be used to brine or pickle and you would love the rich sweet flavor in your salad. Like all olives, this healthy food is a good source of monounsaturated fats (MUFAS) which regulate cholesterol level and keeps you away from cardio diseases.


This is abundant in Spain and California. The size varies from small to medium, is colored green, and great to eat as a snack, or you can stuff it with garlic or pimiento for a different thrill. This is rich in vitamin E. and boosts anti-oxidants to fight off bacteria and viruses.


If you like guacamole, you can add zest to it with finely-chopped Lugano olives from Italy. This variety of olives is bitter and salty, and is colored black. Eat a good portion of this because of its hydroxytyrosol, which helps prevent breast cancer.


This black olive tastes great when brined. Its delicate taste makes it a good ingredient in a pasta dish, and understandably, it follows that this is a favorite in Italian dishes in general. Ponentine is rich in vitamins A, E and K that boosts immune system, and also contains calcium and iron for healthy teeth and bones.


If you are a bit nutty, and want some nutty flavor to your bread, add these small-sized black olives when baking. This is variety is so French, and is a good aid if you are on diet. It stimulates digestion, and breaks down carbohydrates.


Talk about French, the Picholine is another favorite. If you brine and pickle it, it brings out the mild yet salty taste of the olive that makes it a delicious addition to salads. Aside from its flavor, it also reduces the incidents of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

OLIVE TAPENADE is not a variety of olives, but a method of preparation where the olives is crushed and blended with lemon juice, capers, olive oil and fresh parsley. It can be a great appetizer when served on top of crackers or toasted bread. You can use any variety of olives to make a tapenade. You can also mix the different varieties to experiment on flavor.

Olives and all its varieties are rich in vitamins and minerals that keep the heart healthy. It controls cholesterol level and prevents blockages. It is also great in processing digestion. It has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent inflammations.

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