Thanksgiving officially starts the eating season. We all appreciate the turkey, pies and every delicious and fattening bit of food. Instead of butter, a healthier alternative is to use olive oil. It is more delicious and a hundred times healthier. Try it on these recipes:


In a bowl, mix olive oil and some herbs. Put some baguette on a platter, and have your guests enjoy the bread and dip. You can also drizzle olive oil on dips and cheese plates for added color and heightened flavor. Butter, when left out too long, can congeal and not be appetizing anymore, but with olive oil, you don’t have to worry about it.



The turkey is the main star, but sometimes, inexperienced cooks tend to fear preparing the turkey no matter how they condition their minds that it is just a bigger version of a chicken.  Use olive oil instead of butter so you don’t have to labor in trying to get butter between the flesh and skin of the bird. Mix olive oil and some herbs, and spread it all over the chicken, inside and out. You can also inject some of this special mixture into the bird’s breast and thighs. For added flavor, sprinkle salt and pepper. You can also stuff inside the turkey some lemons and herbs for a delicious smell and to make sure the turkey remains moist and flavorful.


Your guests will surely have eyes on the turkey alone, but the big star also needs some supporting cast. Vegetables are a great side dish, and you can lightly cook it in olive oil, with seasoning of salt and pepper. Or you can use olive oil as a glaze to your carrots or sweet potatoes.

Instead of using butter on your mashed potatoes, use olive oil and some herbs instead. It will add zing to the color, and it is a healthier option, too.

For this Thanksgiving meal, make olive oil the main attraction. It will make your turkey more delicious and moist, and your vegetables will have added flavor to it. If you have salad on the side, use olive oil as dressing. Holiday eating can be delicious and nutritious. Choose the better option; choose olive oil.

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