Frying as a method of cooking is not the healthiest option. Firstly, the method of frying matters. When deep frying, the whole food is immersed in oil and fat. When shallow-frying, there is no complete immersion so this is the healthier option. Secondly, thecooking oil you use will not only affect the taste of your food, but more importantly, it may be unhealthy for your body.

Extra-virgin olive oil or EVOO is the healthier option. Even when frying fish, the component in EVOO affects the fats in the fish.

The Fishy Details


Experts conducted a study using two kinds of cooking oil – sunflower oil and EVOO.

In the first test, no food was used, but the oils were fried.

In the second test, fish fillets of gilthead sea bream and European sea bass were fried using a microwave and a pan to hold the fish. Oil temperature was at 340 degrees Fahrenheit, and the fillets were cooked for 2 ½ minutes on each side. After this process, lipids or fats were extracted from the fish cooked in sunflower oil and in EVOO.

It can be concluded then that fish lipids or fish fats have migrated across or transferred to the fried oils. Results showed that using EVOO, the oil was richer in saturated fats and omega 3 after frying.

On the flip side, character of the oil also transferred to the fish during cooking. After the process, fish had more oleic polyphenols after being cooked in EVOO.

In the experiment, it was concluded that sunflower oil easily oxidizes and degrades compared to EVOO. In short, overall, EVOO is more stable than sunflower oil when used to fry fish.

The oil you use greatly affects the fish being cooked. It can be toxic compounds that are generated when frying, but with EVOO, you are safe from this fear. EVOO is definitely the healthier option.

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